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  • Neko Anthem Monthly Subscription Box - Funko (Please Read Description)

Neko Anthem Monthly Subscription Box - Funko (Please Read Description)

  • $8.95

Neko Anthem Subscription (Funko Version) allows you to grow your Funko collection with only items that spark your interest. We guarantee that you will get the Funko that you have in your Wishlist.

This subscription box is for common pops subscriptions with a chance of receiving a random exclusive in your Wishlist. Receiving Exclusives or Chase is not guaranteed on every box.

What are the different subscription levels and prices?

You can choose from the following:
(Please take note: All 4" POP!s will come 100% mint and with .5mm soft protector.)

1 Pop! - 8.50$

2 Pop's! - 17.05$

3 Pop's! - 25.60$

4 Pop's! - 34.00$

5 Pop's! - 42.51$

6 Pop's! - 51.00$

8 Pop's! - 68.60$

10 Pop's! - 85.00$

12 Pop's! - 102.00$

How often do I get a box?

Every month.

A box will ship out after you're billed.

How do you prevent me from getting duplicates?

We implemented Wishlist. You must log in and Thumbs Up the POP! that you want.

(You will need to use nekoanthem.com to access Wishlist.) 

We ask that you keep Wishlistwith the POP!s you want.  For the POP!s that you have, please remove from your Wishlist.

How do you know what I want?

We primarily use your Wishlist to identify your needs. (You will need to use nekoanthem.com to access Wishlist.) 

You can log in to your account anytime and press thumbs up on all the pops you would love. This will advise us on which POP! you want in your future collection.  

What if I forget to update my Wishlist?

It will hold up your order.  We need your help for us to provide you a great experience.

What happens if all the POP! (s) in my Wishlist is Out of Stock?

We recommend you add In Stock items in your Wishlist.  We will only ship In Stock items.  If there isn't an In a Stock item that you do not like, you can pause your subscription anytime.

What if I get a POP! (s) I don't want to?

We will guarantee that you will get an item on your Wishlist.  To ensure quality and accuracy, we encourage you to keep your Wishlistupdated with items that you want.   (Removed all items that are already in your collection)

When will I be billed?

You will be billed shortly after subscribing for your first box; then you will get billed 1st of every month.  

Where can I find a list of all pops

Our website has all of the POP!s you can potentially get.